Thrive Signature Reading

Thrive Signature Reading


‘THRIVE’ is the signature Dharma Mama reading, which weaves a beautiful blend of tarot card guidance, channeled intuits and your personal astrology.
It is an overall exploration of your soul’s path and the wisdom you need to incorporate the most into your life. Bringing a sense of clarity, direction and deeper understanding of self.
This is the reading for you, if you are ready to alleviate your suffering, move towards your joy and embody more of your beautiful true self!
This option includes -
- An overall viewing of how your energy body feels
- Challenges, blocks or beliefs that are holding you back
- Intuitive guidance to allow you to come back to balance
- Affirmations to help you integrate the reading and step into a new phase of being

A few things to note ~
All readings are completely private and confidential.
All readings are conducted in sacred space by me.
I work with high vibrational frequencies, my guides, higher self and the card deck/decks that wants to work with your personal energy the most!  
For the clearest results, please sit with your breath for a few moments and set a clear intention for what you desire from the reading. Stay open and remember that sometimes we may not consciously know what we need to hear the most!
I so look forward to working with you, beautiful one.

Healing Wishes,
D h a r m a M a m a x

Art by Ronald Ong

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