Gratitude For Self


Gratitude for self

Do you realise how far you have come? 
If you do one thing today, let it be this. 
Recognise how far YOU have come!
Stop striving for all you haven't achieved yet or still desire.

When we see ourselves as worthy, enough and totally deserving - that's when things start to shift. Others only see, what we see in ourselves! You deserve to see yourself for what you innately are - a radiant soul in humans clothing ⭐️

What risks can you take to change your life?
How can you fill your world with even more colour?
How can you surround yourself with like-minded people, who encourage your true self?
How are you still holding pleasure and joy, away from yourself? 💕

With Love,
Dharma Mama

Incredible art piece, by the super talented @ronaldong

Taiyla Bayne