It Is Time



Have we forgotten the beautiful way of the feminine?
The sensitivity? The vulnerability? The nurturing?
Have we become so used to the masculine way of being? 
Of not showing ‘weakness’? Of not really opening up? Of not showing up?
Looking for what we can get, before seeing what we could give.
Comparing and competing, instead of connecting and collaborating.
Finding reasons for separation, instead of considering what unites us.
Valuing perfection over authenticity. Composure over rawness. Suppression over expression. Action over intuition.
Thinking over feeling. Forcing over allowing.
It is time to remember, value + create space for the real feminine essence.
It is time to gather, support + nurture the suppressed feminine within ourselves and each other. 
It is time to change the way we choose to relate, the way we choose to birth, the way we choose to lead and the way we choose to live.
For our mothers, for our sisters, for our daughters, for our grand-daughters. For the masculine, who is starving for the feminine to guide it!
BEAUTIFUL woman, are you with me? 
It is time to take the invitation. 

By Dharma Mama

Taiyla Bayne