Opening To The Layers

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When we start to open up to the deeper layers of our self, the world begins to change. 
All of a sudden we become aware of our wounds and the healing we never knew was needed.

It also opens us up to a whole world of possibilities. 
Where everything seems more intricate and more colourful.
More capacity for joy. More possibility of harmonious relationships. 
Don’t be afraid of the layers. They bring magic!

The biggest thing for me, when I seem to be faced with EVERYTHING, is to remember the simple.
Remember to get into my body. Remember that nature is here to restore us, in every moment. Remember to breathe deeply. Remember what I am grateful for. 
From this place, the more intricate layers, are grounded and accessible!

There is SO much energy swirling around us right now.
Inviting us to release control, to release old wounds, to release it all.

Moving us to a whole new cycle. A whole new state of being.
All you have to do is not cling to the past and the comfortable. 
You just have to give yourself permission to LET GO!

Sometimes we aren’t meant to know EVERYTHING. 
Can you be okay with that?

We have learnt to be so controlling with our lives and every aspect of it.
When we order food at a restaurant, we place our order and the waiter, takes it away to be prepared. Do you go into the kitchen and breathe down the chef’s neck, to make sure he’s doing it right?! No.
You trust that it is being made perfectly. Sometimes our orders don’t come out to plan but that’s the whole point.

We don’t know what’s coming or how it is coming. 
That is actually EXCITING, if you can see it that way.
You have to trust in your life path. Trust in your intuition.
Trust in your body. 

Your BODY knows what needs to happen. 
It knows how to let go, for you. It is so intelligent. 
Listen to it. Trust the niggles that are telling you to drink WAY more water. Or lay down. Or move!
Don’t be afraid of your emotions overtaking you. 
That will only bring more clarity! 

Your body knows exactly what to do, so release it from your minds trap and let it do what it feels to do. 

With Love, 
Dharma Mama

Taiyla Bayne