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I used to have very different relationships with women, than what I do now. Unconsciously, if I saw a trait in a woman that I felt could hurt me, I would lock my heart up. If I felt that they also saw an unintegrated 'shadow' trait of mine, I would do the same. It was a time of unconsciously creating beliefs, that kept me away from growth and love. It was a long process of remembering.

Remembering that I was always innately safe. Remembering that all parts of me were valuable and worthy. Remembering that there are as many gifts in the shadow, as there are in the light and it is always a cycle. Remembering that I could only love and accept all of others, if I moved towards unconditional love of myself!

Healing myself, has been the catalyst to healing my relationships with all females around me. After all, they are me. They are mirrors, showing me my own reflection and in turn, my own level of self love. Now, when I have the chance to run, I stay. Because I am willing.

Willing to see my own reflection. Willing to feel into what lesson I am being taught by the universe. Willing to evolve even more towards my true soul self. NOT to soak up another's unconscious behaviour, beliefs or projections - which can be difficult if you are empathic and requires an extreme commitment to your own alignment when approaching relationships.

I truly see a version of the world where there is a level of inner healing, that brings us to outer harmony. It is just that the world is in a perpetual state of forgetting. Of how to heal, how to let go, how to feel and how to love. It's time to challenge ourselves to go to the next level. We were literally MADE for this. To WALK as love.

It starts with me.
It starts with you.
And us together.
So, are you willing?
- dharma mama

Taiyla Bayne