The Illusion Of Falling


The Illusion Of Falling

A dream space message .. 

Images of people clambering up huge walls. Trying their hardest to do whatever it would take to find stability. Doing whatever it would take to stop themselves from falling. They kept slipping and ALMOST falling. They were in an almost a constant state of worry. Clinging to anything. Living a half life. Trapped in survival mode.

Then. They let go! 
They fell down the wall and felt the fear that they had be trying to stop themselves from feeling. They felt it all.

Then they slid smoothly and comfortably on to the floor. Looking around, perplexed, that they hadn't realised they were always going to be caught.

The illusion of fear is overwhelming at times, it keeps us away from knowing that we are always held.

Imagine if all of those people had leaped sooner. 
Freeing their bodies from their physical turmoil. 
Freeing their hearts from their stored emotions and fear.
Shattering their illusions and embracing their life to the full.

What would you do, who would you be and how would you live, if you knew you were ALWAYS supported?

With Love,
Dharma Mama

Art by Caique Silva

Taiyla Bayne