The Power Of Play


The Power Of Play


Are you forgetting to play? 
Are you forgetting to celebrate? 
Are you forgetting to do what you came here to do,
which is actually LIVE? 
Have you abandoned your heart, to live in your head?

If you're struggling to find inspiration, clarity, motivation or life force - then play! 
Or just play for no reason because when we do something purely based on the fact that it is going to give us something, it waters us down anyway.
It suffocates our soul and we miss the point.
Which is to enjoy, to love and to live RIGHT NOW!
If you literally need to schedule time to play, then that's what you've gotta do because ENJOYING life is the most ultimate thing we can ever choose.

When did you last dance exactly how you wanted to, uninhibited?
When did you last laugh, hysterically?
When did you last do something, purely for the FUN of it? 
When did you last see a glimpse of your TRUE nature?
There is no need to waste any more of our time being self conscious, hesitant, or fearful.
Forget that anyone is watching you and understand that your intuitive heart can never lead you astray! 

With Love, 
Dharma Mama

Photo by Levi Guzman

Taiyla Bayne