You Are Whole


You Are Whole

What is keeping you away from your own happiness?
It is here and waiting for you to accept.

What if it isn't about learning or doing more on the outside, as much as it is about uncovering more of yourself that resides on the inside? 

Our experiences are designed to trigger all of the places inside that still believe we are not whole. That we are not beautiful. That we are not worthy. That we are not abundant. That we are not enough, yet. 
That we need more time, more things, more money.

You are whole.

What is keeping you from knowing that?
What are your physical circumstances trying to show you?
What is being triggered consistently, that you're distracting yourself from?
What still needs to be healed and brought to balance?
Are you willing to unravel everything that stands in the way of your happiness, even if it is you?
Really ask yourself that. 

The relationships that keep you wearing your mask.
The stories and conditioning, that are keeping you distracted from this truth.
The habitual relationship patterns, that are protecting you from love.
The job that feels like it is draining your life force but seems logically smart.
The routine that seems comfortable but is keeping you dull and watered down.
The addiction to thinking, that is keeping you away from feeling and playing your way through life. 

The abundance that you can perceive for yourself somewhere out there in the future, is here for you now.
That rich, beautiful, joyful, state of abundance, is the innate nature of your own core of light within.

In what way can you shift out of your mind and into seeing that?
It is time to pull the thread, that unravels you! πŸ’—

With Love, 
Dharma Mama

Incredible moon art by @blushstroke

Taiyla Bayne